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(выдержка из "Концепции развития промышленного комплекса Санкт-Петербурга на период до 2020 года")



A Project

(As part of a training with Saint-Petersburg Polytechnical University, SPbPU

An advanced training: «Modeling and standardization of manufacturing business-processes at enterprises of Polymer cluster»

The advanced training program: «Constructional and functional materials made of polymers»)

A general meeting of Polymer cluster: 10.12.2014, St.Petersburg


Polymer cluster of Saint-Petersburg

(Information material) for a performance at the conference

«Conditions of a successful cluster development of manufacturing in Saint-Petersburg»

Tsybukov S.I., General Director of “SPA on plastic processing plant named after “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, LLC


Polymer cluster of St.  Petersburg is a community of scientific-research organizations, industrial enterprises, educational institutions, functioning within a model of transformative investments, united by scientific-production chains and infrastructure, by a mechanism of work coordination and cooperation in order to achieve a synergetic effect, to create innovation technologies and produce technical products with set properties made of polymer-constructional materials for transport field, The Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation (VPK), shipbuilding, machinery construction and etc.

Transformative investments – are investments into companies, organizations, funds, aimed at reaching measurable, useful to the society and environment results, along with financial profits, which create social-economic and sociocultural institutes.

Michael Porter, an acknowledged expert in the area of economic competition learning, defines clusters as “the concentration of interconnected companies specialized in certain fields, provider services, firms of related sectors, and associated institutes, - which compete with each other, but at the same time cooperate”.

Engineering company is a company based on knowledge, formed in a system of standards and tools for creation, reformation and description of any man-made items, in other words, artificial nature, designed by a human. In engineering theory in the first place an item is created as a projecting activity, on further levels it is a project management, within which suitable standards are applied.

Innovative infrastructure — is the combination of innovative activity subjects (scientific-research institutes, institutions of higher professional education, innovation and technology centres, technological parks, and special economic areas, centres of a common use, development funds and other specialized organizations), resources and facilities, providing material-technical, financial, organizational-methodical, informational, consulting and other innovation activity service.

Institutional infrastructure represents itself a complex system of dissimilar but closely related elements of different levels: society, region, field, manufacture and etc.



Innovative (institutional) infrastructure of Polymer cluster of St. Petersburg:


Integrated distributed environment for optimization developments and implementation of products made of constructional polymer materials, using systems of a complex virtual modeling, engineering analysis and preproduction in the framework of a standards system (complex) of enterprises of the “core” of Polymer cluster of St. Petersburg.

·                     Integrated informational environment is a combination of distributed databases, containing information about products, occupational environment, resources and processes of the enterprise, that provide propriety, relevance, security and availability of these subjects of industrial and economic activity, involved in the product life cycle.



·                     A Centre of implementation of “green” energy and resource saving technologies in the framework of Unified technology platform based at “KP”, OJSC.

The Centre activities are aimed at:

               A complex solving of ecological problems, as a result of the deterioration of potable water quality, caused by corrosion processes, occurring in steel pipelines and isolation valves, and sewage water falling into water and soil sources, in consequence of destructed waterproof of sewage wells and foundations of buildings containing oil, sewage water or other chemicals.

               A complex of actions narrowed at following sanitary-and-hygienic standards in basements, buildings and constructions, which are the sources of bacteria and fungus, because of both sewage and potable water leakage, caused by the destruction of pipelines and valves and etc. by  using heat-insulated and waterproof, antibacterial and anticorrosion coverings.

               An implementation of “green” energy and resource saving technologies in order to reduce the losses of energy-carriers, reduce the formation of icing on the roof and etc., which will lead to improvement of ecological situation due to reduction of СО2 emissions, resulted by human activities, providing economical use of natural resources, their security and reproduction, considering not only present, but also future interests of society.


·                     Prototyping Centre of products out of composite materials and covering offers a full products manufacturing cycle from an idea to implementation in serial manufacturing. At the disposal of the Centre there is a modern engineering software and equipment from the leading worldwide manufacturers, allowing to implement technically complex tasks, requiring the highest quality, in polymer field.     

·                     Basic department of Higher economic school of Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, SPbSUE – «KP» Plant, «Strategic and project management of Innovation Company».

The main purpose of creating a basic department is practical use of knowledge and experience of the students of Higher economic school SPbSUE while implementing innovative projects at enterprises of Polymer cluster, in following areas: 

               Management of organization;

               Strategic management;

               Types of corporative communities and their development tendencies. Virtual communities. Clusters. Centres of common use and management.

               Strategic and tactical management of projects in organization:

-                    System management of innovation processes in organization;

-                    Marketing management of innovative organization;

-                    Quality management;

-                    Organization and planning of manufacturing (manufacturing management) of the enterprise of  common use and management;

-                    Financial management of organization;

-                   Personnel management of organization;

-                   Basics of legal regulations of commercial activities of organization.


·                     Unified Technology Platform, integrated with technology platform «New polymer composite materials» of All Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials (VIAM).

Unified Technology Platform was created on the basis of «KP», OJSC.


The purpose of creating:

               Achieving a global competitiveness of the industry;

               Development of a strategic researches plan – main document proving in which directions, why, for what purpose and in what time the researches are needed to be done within this technology platform;

The concept of creating and implementing Unified technology platform includes:

               Choosing strategic scientific areas;

               Creating a database of competitiveness, efficiency, innovation technologies, economic growth, project participants;

               Monitoring and analysis of know-how technologies, an assessment of their market potential, speeding of their implementation and transfer.

·                     Expert-methodological centre (EMC), in the area of professional polymers processing of Polymer cluster is a structural department of “KP” Plant, LLC with the participation of “Institute of Polymers”, LLC and SPbPU within the advanced training program and professional development.

The purpose of EMC is organizational-methodical support of the system of evaluation and certification of personnel in polymer industry. 

EMC is aimed at:

               Development and improvement of organizational-methodical support of the centres of evaluation and certification of personnel’ qualifications (COSK);

               Formation of regulations and organizational-methodical documents;

               Development of common procedures and estimation methods for COSK;

                 Selection and preparation of experts in evaluation and certification of personnel;

                Administration of a register of people, who have passed certification, records of the results of assessment procedures;

                  Creation of a mechanism of quality control and monitoring of evaluation and certification procedures;

              Creation of informational infrastructure;

              Expert support of the COSK activities;

               Participation in selecting (creating), monitoring, consulting and methodical support of COSK.


·                     The Centre of evaluation and certification of qualifications in the area of professional processing of polymers, created in common with The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of St. Petersburg (SPP SPb).

               The work of COSK is based on current and prospective planning, on a combination of undivided authority when solving work activity issues and collective leadership while discussing them, employees’ personal responsibility of proper administration of the duties they have been entrusted with and of the directors’ individual orders.

 COSK targets are:

               Organization of evaluation and certification of qualifications;

               Preparation and tuition of certificated specialists;

               Confirmation of compliance with qualification requirements of professional standards, or other qualification requirements, as they are developed and actualized.


During the years 2013-2020 enterprises of Polymer cluster are implementing a certification of a quality management system according to the ISO 9001 requirements and a certification of business management system for railway industry according to the requirements of an international IRIS standard, are preparing for manufacturing innovation products in following areas, as also in the framework of the «Trans-Eurasian corridor «Razvitie» project.

During this period of time a transfer of technologies in transport industry, shipbuilding, in «smart city», VPK, Housing and Utility Sector, State Unitary Enterprise «Vodokanal of Saint-Petersburg» and in many others is taking place.

               Development of a polymer covering of the fright cars’ inner surface in order to protect them from freezing;

               Development of the dwarf  light signals with enclosures of a constructional polymer material;

               Repair technologies development for Ballast cleaning machines with setting up supporting rollers of conveyor belts for Ballast cleaners (jacket and enclosure) and blades made of a new constructional polymer material;.

               Technical resolutions, providing a reducing of unequal-stiffness (equal rigidity) of a high-speed point-switch;

               Complex researches in providing regulations of noise and vibration during rapid movement on the line Saint-Petersburg – Moscow;

               Items of friction system made of new constructional polymer materials and their usage in technologies of carriage repair works.

               Development of insulating joint made of a new constructional material that removes magnetization;

               Development of gaskets shock absorbers for anchor rail braces (ARS);

               And other technical products with set properties


        From year 2007 to 2013 there have been developed innovation technologies, implemented prototypes and sets, tests carried out and small-scale production adjusted by the enterprises of Polymer cluster.



Polymer Cluster Innovation Projects implemented in 2013.

According to the results of R&D works fulfilled by the Polymer Cluster enterprises the following tailor-made engineering products were run out:



Optical and lighting products: lenses, light-signal segments, side light details of thermoplastic for automobiles
Techware: electrotechnical cases, dowels, brackets, bushings, shoes of thermoplastics
Casewoods for domestic appliances of thermoplastics
MIC production: insulators, individual first-aid sets, pins, washer for felt thermal protection fastening of thermoplastics
Consumer goods of thermoplastics
Package and packing of thermoplastics
Price-list of thermoplastic products
Plates, rods, rings and bushings of polytetrafluorethylene and of compositions based on fluoropolymer
Sealing materials of polytetrafluorethylene-D: tape and plait of fluoropolymer sealing material
Electrical insulating and forcing tubes of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Tubes of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Planed tape of polytetrafluorethylene-D and compositions based on fluoropolymer
Blocks of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Porous joint plait “Komplast” of fluoropolymer
Close-toleranced dimension products of polytetrafluorethylene-A
About fluoropolymer
Price list of fluoropolymer products
Brake blocks for drilling rigs of thermosetting plastics
Electrotechnics of thermosetting plastics
Ware accessories of thermosetting plastics
Thermosetting plastics processing
Price list of thermosetting plastic products
Keyboard details of silicone
Joint rings of silicone
Price list of silicone products
Shock-absorber packing for points
Noise reduction bushes of rubber
Escalator step rubber-bonded traveler
Silentblocks, diesel pillow of rubber
Joint rings of rubber
Price list of products of rubber
High-tensile products of UHMWPE
Pressed plated of UHMWPE
Extrusion billets: rods, tubes, rings, bushings
Supporting rollers of conveyer belts of UHMWPE
Brackets for conveyer belt scrapers
Details of freight car bogie (friction, antifriction details)
Details of passenger car bogie (antifriction details)
Bush of side bearing pad of passenger car bogie bolster
Details of block joints for R65 type railing
Driving roller for escalators
Escalator step rubber-bonded traveler
Guide of escalator hand-rail
Price-list of UHMWPE products
UHMWPE coatings of metal and concrete. Flame spraying
Foamed polyurethane coverings
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