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(выдержка из "Концепции развития промышленного комплекса Санкт-Петербурга на период до 2020 года")

Patriotic education of youth  |  Youth health keeping  |  Youth in socio-economic sphere  |  Kant’s air base military personnel called out from St. Petersburg sponsorship

Video conference between St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk (September, 12th, 2009)

On September, 12th, 2009, the video conference between St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk «Innovations in energy saving. Dialogue between the two intellectual capitals of Russia» was held within the frameworks of the First International Youth Innovation Forum “Interra-2009”. Amongst the organizers of the video conference was a group of companies located on the industrial platform of the OJSC “KP” led by S.I. Tsybukov with participation of the chiefs of business partner enterprises and representatives of Universities.

Business trip to Germany (July, 25th, 2009)

During the period from 11.07.2009 till 17.07.2009 the Chief Executive of the LLC "Institute of Polymers" Yakovlev D. F. participated in the Fifth Russian-German Youth Parliament as the expert on modernization and innovations in the sphere of cooperation between Russia and Germany. The issues concerning support of youth innovation teams of two countries, cooperation between science and business and participation of the state in innovation projects were discussed. For members of the official delegation of St. Petersburg led by the Governor V.I. Matvienko, General Manager of the LLC “SPA “KP” S. I. Tsybukov, General Manager of the LLC "Institute of polymers " I. N. Darienko visited the test desk and SKZ laboratories in Würzburgaiming at studying of techniques and technologies of test of the geotextiles for transport industry including railway sector.

 They also have participated in the Ninth Russian-German Forum “St. Petersburg Dialogue” in Munich in economic, science, education and medicine sections concerning innovative clusters in the sphere of energy saving technologies.

Concerning creation of the cluster network in St. Petersburg materials on “Partnership in the sphere of modernization: from generation of knowledge to its commercial use” prepared by the Russian-German Institute of Polymers, SPA “KP” together with St. Petersburg State University and Institute of Regional Innovation Systems were presented at the Forum.

Meeting with the Vice-Premier V.A. Zubkov (July, 26th, 2009)

On July, 26th, 2009, at the meeting with the Government of Russian Federation at the head of Victor Alekseevich Zubkov on the issues of  the timber industry in the St. Petersburg State Forest-Technical Academy within the frameworks of presentation of innovation projects the LLC  «Institute of Polymers» was presented.

 The youth summit “G-20” (March, 23rd, 2009)

On February, 23-26rd, 2009, the youth summit “G-20” was held in Paris, in which Yakovlev Dmitry Fedorovich, the Chief Executive of the LLC «Institute of Polymers» participated. This year young specialists from twenty countries focused on the financial and economic crises and their influence on the world political-economic order.

On the basis of a principle of social partnership the SPA Plastic processing plant named after “Komsomolskaya Pravda” takes an active part in creation of the environment for the rising generation development.

Social initiatives of KP’s team act for a voluntary and gratuitous investment in the present and future of the youth of Russia.

V. Zaytseva, HumanResourceManager

Optical and lighting products: lenses, light-signal segments, side light details of thermoplastic for automobiles
Techware: electrotechnical cases, dowels, brackets, bushings, shoes of thermoplastics
Casewoods for domestic appliances of thermoplastics
MIC production: insulators, individual first-aid sets, pins, washer for felt thermal protection fastening of thermoplastics
Consumer goods of thermoplastics
Package and packing of thermoplastics
Price-list of thermoplastic products
Plates, rods, rings and bushings of polytetrafluorethylene and of compositions based on fluoropolymer
Sealing materials of polytetrafluorethylene-D: tape and plait of fluoropolymer sealing material
Electrical insulating and forcing tubes of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Tubes of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Planed tape of polytetrafluorethylene-D and compositions based on fluoropolymer
Blocks of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Porous joint plait “Komplast” of fluoropolymer
Close-toleranced dimension products of polytetrafluorethylene-A
About fluoropolymer
Price list of fluoropolymer products
Brake blocks for drilling rigs of thermosetting plastics
Electrotechnics of thermosetting plastics
Ware accessories of thermosetting plastics
Thermosetting plastics processing
Price list of thermosetting plastic products
Keyboard details of silicone
Joint rings of silicone
Price list of silicone products
Shock-absorber packing for points
Noise reduction bushes of rubber
Escalator step rubber-bonded traveler
Silentblocks, diesel pillow of rubber
Joint rings of rubber
Price list of products of rubber
High-tensile products of UHMWPE
Pressed plated of UHMWPE
Extrusion billets: rods, tubes, rings, bushings
Supporting rollers of conveyer belts of UHMWPE
Brackets for conveyer belt scrapers
Details of freight car bogie (friction, antifriction details)
Details of passenger car bogie (antifriction details)
Bush of side bearing pad of passenger car bogie bolster
Details of block joints for R65 type railing
Driving roller for escalators
Escalator step rubber-bonded traveler
Guide of escalator hand-rail
Price-list of UHMWPE products
UHMWPE coatings of metal and concrete. Flame spraying
Foamed polyurethane coverings
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