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Porous joint plait “Komplast” of fluoropolymer

Komplast is a fluoropolymer sealing material derivable as a result of monaxonic orientation of the profile plait of PTFE of the mark F4D.


«Komplast» compressions


Komplast is a fluoropolymer sealing material derivable as a result of monaxonic orientation of the profile plait of PTFE of the mark F4D. Komplast contains many interstices, therefore it is flexible, easily changes form and can exist in all possible configurations. At compression with sufficient effort the interstices can be easily liquidated and material of the necessary type with increased elasticity and decreased cold fluidity in comparison with traditional fluoropolymer consolidations can be received. Due to its origin the given material has high thermal and chemical strength and can be used in very hard conditions. With the given technology various compression bushings and rings with higher operational indicators can be produced compared to those produced by a machining method. Moreover, the given technology is almost wasteless unlike machining where the quantity of waste can reach 90 % of weight of a billet.


Application: Komplast is intended for use as chemically resistant packing material applied in knots of stop valve, pumps and various compressions of the machine-building equipment, flanged and carving joints of pipelines, including the equipment and pipelines of the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries and pipelines of hot and cold drinking water supply. A range of working temperatures is from minus 60С to plus 200С and pressure of environment up to 20 MPa (210 kg/cm2).


Recommendations for application of the "Komplast" material as a tightening:


1.            Choose a porous cord with the section corresponding to the width of the packing chamber.

2.           Lay a cord in the form of a spiral round a rod, making 4-5 rings.

3.            Press out a cord previously approximately twice on height.

4.            Leave still a ready item for 8 hours.

5.            Tighten a packing gland or a flange to the size of preliminary tightening:  for the crane spherical (2,5MPa,   M= 2,5kgm); for the valve C 21150 (16 MPa, Mt = 14,6 kgm).

6.            Check the tightness of an item by the method of a water bath, tighten the packing gland in case of leakage.


Note: If the design of stuffing box cavity of the item allows making an installation of previously formed plug from a porous plait, it is recommended to form previously the plug with the pressure ensuring reduction on height approximately twice.


Similarly it is possible to form sealing elements of ANY form and for various objectives.


The "Komplast" material has successfully passed tests in the testing laboratory of industrial pipeline fixture ANO  "Spetspromarmatura", the city of Velikyj Novgorod, accredited in the system of certification State Standard R (certificate № ROSSRU0001.21MN16).


Tests of the "Komplast" material were conducted in collaboration with the experts from Research and development and technological institute of pipeline fixture ”ATOMARMPROEKT” (Machine-building corporation "Splav", Velikyj Novgorod) in the testing laboratory of the industrial pipeline fixture ANO  "Spetspromarmatura", the city of Velikyj Novgorod, accredited in the system of certification State Standard R (certificate № ROSSRU0001.21MN16).


«… the carried out researches of a porous plait “Komplast” produced by the LLC “Plastic processing plant named after “Komsomolskaya Pravda” (Saint Petersburg) allow to draw an unequivocal conclusion on the technical expediency of application of the given material as a stuffing box and flange seal of pipeline fixture on working parameters of environment: range of working temperatures from minus 60°С to plus 200°С, working pressure up to 20,0 MPa.


The basic constructive and technical-operational indicators: low fluctuation of the material, ease of installation (keeps the form of a spiral and molds), the material is antiadhesive, has the low factor of friction, has elasticity, running-in ability, is capable to self-strengthening at sharp changes of load.


As a result of the resource tests, at correct preliminary moulding of the material (deformation not less than 50 %), stuffing box seal maintains an operating time of 3000 cycles without tightening of the packing gland …»


The statement from the Report on scientific - research work:

«Research of possibility of application of porous plait PTFE produced by the LLC “Plastic processing plant named after “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in the epiploic knots and flange fixture joints»


City of Velikyj Novgorod, 2002.




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