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About fluoropolymer

Polytetrafluorethylene is a polymer material, a product of polymerization of tetrafluorethylene.


Fluoropolymer. Polytetrafluorethylene

Chemical formula - (—CF2CF2—)n.

Analogues: TEFLON 7, FLUON G 163,190, ALGOFLON F, HOSTAFLON TF 1702, POLYFLON M 12, 14

Polytetrafluorethylene – polymer material, a product of tetrafluorethylene polymerization.


Due to its chemical structure (twisting of a carbon chain and big Van-der-Vaals radius of atoms of fluorine and high durability of connections of atoms of fluorine and carbon) polytetrafluorethylene has an exclusive chemical stability and a number of other positive properties favourably distinguishing the given material. It is stable practically against all acids, alkalis, organic and non-organic solvents, mineral oils in a wide interval of temperatures (from - 269°С to plus 260°С), with an exception of flux alkaline metals, three-fluoric chlorine and elementary fluorine. Unsurpassed chemical stability PTFE allows to use the given material in the chemical industry for manufacturing of various details of chemical equipment, capacities, pipelines, membranes, packings, sealing elements, pumps. Biological inertness of the given material has ensured wide application of the given material in medical, pharmaceutical and the food-processing industry. In medicine in particular, artificial limbs of blood vessels, implants and suture materials made of PTFE are widely applied.


High thermal stability in combination with excellent dielectric characteristics of the material allows applying it in electro- and radio engineering as isolation of wires, cables of cutoff points for production of boards, isolation and details of electric machines and in microwave technics.


Fluoropolymer has very low factor of friction, it is practically not moistened with water and organic liquids. That in combination with a wide temperature range of exploitation, quite good mechanical and antiadhesive properties, equality of the static and dynamic moments of friction makes the given material irreplaceable in machine building as antifriction and lining material.


To increase hardness, heat conductivity, wear resistance, decrease cold fluidity and factor of thermal expansion, various filling are added to PTFE. Composite materials on the basis of polytetrafluorethylene…


Main characteristics of Polytetrafluorethylene (F-4) of the mark “PN” State Standard 10007-80


Density, g/cm3, not more than
Durability at rupture of non-tempered sample, MPa (kgs/cm2), not less than
25,0 (250)
Relative lengthening at rupture of non-tempered sample, %, not less than
Electric durability (thickness of a sample 0,100±0,005 mm) at constant pressure, kW/mm, not less than
Relative lengthening at rupture planed tape in a cross-section direction, %, not less than
Is not defined
Main characteristics of Polytetrafluorethylene (F-4) of the mark “PN” State Standard 10007-80
Density, kg/m3
Melting temperature of crystallites, °С
Temperature of glass transition, °С
Heat-resistance on Vica, °С
Specific thermal capacity, kilojoule/(kg*K)
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W/(m*K)
Temperature coefficient of linear expansion *10-5, °С-1
Working temperature minimum, °С
Working temperature maximum, °С
Water absorption for 24 hours, %
Breaking point at stretching, MPa
• Usual sample
• Tempered sample
· 14,7-34,5
· 15,7-30,9
Lengthening at rupture, %
• Relative
• Residual
· 250-500
· 250-350
Elasticity module, MPa
• At stretching
• At compression
• at 20°С
• at-60°C
· 410
· 686,5
· 460,9-833,6
· 1294,5-2726,5
Breaking point, MPa
• At compression
• At a static bend
Hardness on Brinnel, Mpa
Friction factor on steel
Specific volume electric resistance, Om*m
Specific superficial electric resistance, more, Om
Tangent of angle of dielectric losses
• at 1 kHz
• at 1 MHz
· (2-2,5)*104
· (2-2,5)*104
Dielectric permeability
• at 1 kHz
• at 1 MHz
· 1,9-2,1
· 1,9-2,1
Electric durability (thickness of a sample of 4 mm), MW/m
Arc resistance, c
250-700 (constant conductive layer is not created)
Temperature of decomposition, more, °С
Thermostability (420°С, 3h), %
Firmness to action of chemical reagents at 20-150°С
• acids concentrated
• organic solvents
• alkalis
• oxidizers (hydrogen peroxide)
· Resistant
· Resistant
· Resistant
· Resistant
Combustibility on an oxygen index, %
Atmosphere resistance
Firmness to an irradiation, Gr
Firmness to fungi (SS 9.049-75, method A), points




Optical and lighting products: lenses, light-signal segments, side light details of thermoplastic for automobiles
Techware: electrotechnical cases, dowels, brackets, bushings, shoes of thermoplastics
Casewoods for domestic appliances of thermoplastics
MIC production: insulators, individual first-aid sets, pins, washer for felt thermal protection fastening of thermoplastics
Consumer goods of thermoplastics
Package and packing of thermoplastics
Price-list of thermoplastic products
Plates, rods, rings and bushings of polytetrafluorethylene and of compositions based on fluoropolymer
Sealing materials of polytetrafluorethylene-D: tape and plait of fluoropolymer sealing material
Electrical insulating and forcing tubes of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Tubes of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Planed tape of polytetrafluorethylene-D and compositions based on fluoropolymer
Blocks of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Porous joint plait “Komplast” of fluoropolymer
Close-toleranced dimension products of polytetrafluorethylene-A
About fluoropolymer
Price list of fluoropolymer products
Brake blocks for drilling rigs of thermosetting plastics
Electrotechnics of thermosetting plastics
Ware accessories of thermosetting plastics
Thermosetting plastics processing
Price list of thermosetting plastic products
Keyboard details of silicone
Joint rings of silicone
Price list of silicone products
Shock-absorber packing for points
Noise reduction bushes of rubber
Escalator step rubber-bonded traveler
Silentblocks, diesel pillow of rubber
Joint rings of rubber
Price list of products of rubber
High-tensile products of UHMWPE
Pressed plated of UHMWPE
Extrusion billets: rods, tubes, rings, bushings
Supporting rollers of conveyer belts of UHMWPE
Brackets for conveyer belt scrapers
Details of freight car bogie (friction, antifriction details)
Details of passenger car bogie (antifriction details)
Bush of side bearing pad of passenger car bogie bolster
Details of block joints for R65 type railing
Driving roller for escalators
Escalator step rubber-bonded traveler
Guide of escalator hand-rail
Price-list of UHMWPE products
UHMWPE coatings of metal and concrete. Flame spraying
Foamed polyurethane coverings
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