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Foamed polyurethane coverings

The LLC “Institute of Polymers” carries out works on thermal protection of buildings by the method of plating of different objects with foamed polyurethane:

  • Industrial, warehouse, trading structures;
  •  Heating mains, reservoirs;
  • Cottages

Thermal protection application in storage rooms

Thermal protection application in heating mains

Foamed polyurethane is the polymer material with incontestable advantages in comparison with other thermal protection materials:

  •  High thermal protection properties due to low factor of heat conductivity
  • High hydro isolating properties
  • High noise- and vibroinsulating properties
  • Possibility to receive layers of various densities for increase of stability to mechanical effects
  • High degree of adhesion with any surfaces (concrete, metal, wood, gypsum cardboard, etc.)
  • Absence of cold bridges
  • Possibility of isolation of constructions of any configuration and size
  • Durability of covers (are not subject to decomposition and rotting, do not collapse under the influence of seasonal temperature fluctuations, atmospheric precipitation, aggressive industrial atmosphere)
  • High ecological compatibility (on hygienic norms application in the refrigerating engineering for food products is authorised)
  • Stability to effect of open flame and thermal radiation (corresponding to the requirements of fire safety: group of combustibility G2 in accordance with State Standard 30244-94, group of flammability V2 in accordance with State Standard 30402-96, group D2 in accordance with State Standard 12.1.044-89 by the fume evolution abilities).

The LLC “Institute of Polymers” on the basis of the carried out R&Ds has improved the structure of thermal protection components of foamed polyurethane. Application of new compositions allowed to lower considerably the factor of heat conductivity and to improve adhesive properties of an end-product. The cover from foamed polyurethane with new properties by its thermal protection characteristics surpasses all known materials.

Experts of the LLC “Institute of Polymers” render preliminary consultations, calculate an optimum thickness of foamed polyurethane layer and a project overall cost.

Estimated cost of foamed polyurethane thermal protection:

Thickness of layer, mm
Cost of 1 sq.m., rubles
Agreed price

The cost of a layer over 60 mm is calculated individually.
The final cost is determined at the moment of a contract making.


Zhogal Alexey Vladimirovitch

Tel.: 8 (812) 542-15-21;

Mob.: 8 (921) 319-14-58;

E-mail:  zhogal_av@kp-plant.ru


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