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Based on Business polymeric park on platform of "Processing of plastic"
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Региональный кластер - система взаимосвязанных технологической и территориальной общностью предприятий, организаций, инфраструктурных объектов, финансовых институтов, научно-исследовательских, внедренческих и инвестиционных фирм, обеспечивающая оптимальное функционирование всех структурных элементов на основе инновационных продуктов и технологий.

(выдержка из "Концепции развития промышленного комплекса Санкт-Петербурга на период до 2020 года")

Partnership programs

Partnership programs of the Polymer Cluster


Mission of the cluster includes information and communication functions:

•          Creation of the united communication platform for all participants of Russian and European machine-building and analogous industries, overcoming the barriers preventing a direct communication within the industry;

•          Formation of the united information field for qualitative and authoritative discussion of the most difficult and significant problems, which both directors of the machine-building enterprises and their employees and Russian and European machine-building industries on the whole face;

•          Formation of the environment and mechanism of real progress in the process of solution of these problems and elaboration of concrete decisions and recommendations to all participants of Russian and European machine-building and analogous industries;

•          Search for partners and establishment of lasting and mutually beneficial business contacts between Russian and European enterprises in machine-building and analogous industries;

•          Increase of efficiency of cooperation between enterprises of Russia and Europe;

•          Establishment of a valuable social network of managers, experts and professionals working in the field of Russian and European machine-building and all professionals joint by interests in the field of industrial management, establishment of effective industrial systems etc.



Mission of the cluster is achievement of significant energy saving in Russia by organization of production and introduction of a new generation of semiconductor energy saving lighting facilities and the leadership of Russian business in this sphere.

 Life cycle of optical and lighting items on the basis of light-emitting diodes is elaborated:

•          Traffic lights

•          Automobile lighting

          Signal lighting

•          Devices for systems of general lighting



Mission of the cluster is production of Russian equipment and consumables for modern advanced technology methods of medical treatment of heart diseases and cancer.

Life cycle of items of medical equipment is elaborated:

•          blood oxygenator for full-stream and auxiliary oxygenation

•          cannula

•          sleeve for collection of liquids

•          equipment for transplantology



On the instructions of the Committee of economic development, industrial policy and trade of the St. Petersburg Government the Fund for support of industry together with first-rate enterprises of the Innovative-Technological Cluster of machine-building and metal working of St. Petersburg the database of the Electronic system for key technologies monitoring (the basic instrument for subcontracting) on technological possibilities of the enterprises is organized.

Main goals and objectives of the Electronic system for key technologies monitoring are:

          Grant of complex information and technological services to the enterprises ensuring charging and development of productive capacities;

•          Enriching of an information system by data about technological possibilities of the enterprises to realize objectives of subcontracting and development of cooperation contacts;

•          Revelation of the enterprises owning innovative technologies in machine-building and metal working;

•          Creation of the united technological platform of machine-building and metal working on the basis of innovative technologies including small, medium and large-scale enterprises.


Optical and lighting products: lenses, light-signal segments, side light details of thermoplastic for automobiles
Techware: electrotechnical cases, dowels, brackets, bushings, shoes of thermoplastics
Casewoods for domestic appliances of thermoplastics
MIC production: insulators, individual first-aid sets, pins, washer for felt thermal protection fastening of thermoplastics
Consumer goods of thermoplastics
Package and packing of thermoplastics
Price-list of thermoplastic products
Plates, rods, rings and bushings of polytetrafluorethylene and of compositions based on fluoropolymer
Sealing materials of polytetrafluorethylene-D: tape and plait of fluoropolymer sealing material
Electrical insulating and forcing tubes of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Tubes of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Planed tape of polytetrafluorethylene-D and compositions based on fluoropolymer
Blocks of polytetrafluorethylene-D
Porous joint plait “Komplast” of fluoropolymer
Close-toleranced dimension products of polytetrafluorethylene-A
About fluoropolymer
Price list of fluoropolymer products
Brake blocks for drilling rigs of thermosetting plastics
Electrotechnics of thermosetting plastics
Ware accessories of thermosetting plastics
Thermosetting plastics processing
Price list of thermosetting plastic products
Keyboard details of silicone
Joint rings of silicone
Price list of silicone products
Shock-absorber packing for points
Noise reduction bushes of rubber
Escalator step rubber-bonded traveler
Silentblocks, diesel pillow of rubber
Joint rings of rubber
Price list of products of rubber
High-tensile products of UHMWPE
Pressed plated of UHMWPE
Extrusion billets: rods, tubes, rings, bushings
Supporting rollers of conveyer belts of UHMWPE
Brackets for conveyer belt scrapers
Details of freight car bogie (friction, antifriction details)
Details of passenger car bogie (antifriction details)
Bush of side bearing pad of passenger car bogie bolster
Details of block joints for R65 type railing
Driving roller for escalators
Escalator step rubber-bonded traveler
Guide of escalator hand-rail
Price-list of UHMWPE products
UHMWPE coatings of metal and concrete. Flame spraying
Foamed polyurethane coverings
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